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GE25FO-2RS FGB spherical plain bearing

Linqing FGB Bearing Co.,ltd. established in 2004, which is one of the key enterprises specialized in bearing manufacturer in China. FGB is a research and development, production and sales as one of Spherical Plain Bearing(joint bearing) production enterprises. Sizes ranges from 20mm~320mm, including phosphate and non phosphate products.FGB is a large enterprise of produce Spherical Plain Bearing(joint bearing) 

FGB produces Spherical Plain Bearing(joint bearing) which is mainly exported to Russia, Lithuania, Turkey, Germany, the United States, South Korea, India, Brazil, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Domestic host supports manufacturers with the convergence of matching.

[Our products are mainly model]:

GE12LO, GE16LO, GE20LO, GE20HO-2RS, GE25LO, GE25HO-2RS, GE30HO-2RS, GE32LO, GE35HO-2RS, GE40LO, GE40HO-2RS, GE45HO-2RS, GE50LO, GE50HO-2RS, GE60HO-2RS, , GE63LO, GE70LO, GE70HO-2RS, GE80LO, GE80HO-2RS, GE90LO, GE100LO, GE110LO, GE125LO, GE160LO, GE200LO, GE250LO, GE320LO, GE6FO, GE8FO, GE10FO, GE12FO, GE15FO-2RS, GE17FO-2RS, GE20FO-2RS, GE25FO-2RS, GE30FO-2RS, GE35FO-2RS, GE40FO-2RS, GE45FO-2RS, GE50FO-2RS, GE60FO-2RS, GE70FO-2RS, GE80FO-2RS, GE90FO-2RS, GE100FO-2RS, GE110FO-2RS, GE120FO-2RS, GE140FO-2RS, GE160FO-2RS, GE180FO-2RS, GE200FO-2RS, GE220FO-2RS, GE240FO-2RS, GE260FO-2RS, GE280FO-2RS

FGB Plain Bearing

FGB Joint Bearing

FGB Spherical plain bearing

FGB Rod end bearing

FGB Radial spherical plain bearing

FGB Joint ball bearing

FGB Knuckle joint bearing

FGB Bearing

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Email: fgb006@fgbearing.com

Wechat/ Skype/ Tel: +86 17663532960

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