FGB - Spherical plain bearings


FGB Rod Ends GE30DO GE30DO/2RS Plain Bearings

FGB Rod Ends GE30DO GE30DO/2RS Plain Bearings

No.1 FGB Spherical Plain Bearing GE30DO Description:

1). Bearing Series: GE..DO;

2). Bearing Size: 30x47x22mm;

3). Sliding Contact Surface: Steel on Steel;

4). Relubrication Needed: With Lubrication;

5). Seals: Without Seals;

No.2 FGB Spherical Plain Bearing GE30DO Design Features:

1). Outer ring with single split in axial direction;

2). Both outer and inner rings are phosphate treated;

3). But can be relubricated via annular groove and lubricating holes;

No.3 We can supply other FGB spherical plain bearing models:

GE6DO, GE8DO, GE10DO, GE12DO, GE15DO, GE16DO, GE17DO, GE17DO-2RS, GE20DO, GE20DO-2RS, GE25DO, GE25DO-2RS, GE30DO, GE30DO-2RS, GE35DO, GE35DO-2RS, GE40DO, GE40DO-2RS, GE45DO, GE45DO-2RS, GE50DO, GE50DO-2RS, GE60DO, GE60DO-2RS, GE70DO, GE70DO-2RS, GE80DO, GE80DO-2RS, GE90DO, GE90DO-2RS, GE100DO, GE100DO-2RS, FGB, GE110DO, GE110DO-2RS, GE120DO, GE120DO-2RS, GE140DO, GE140DO-2RS, GE160DO, GE160DO-2RS, GE180DO, GE180DO-2RS, GE200DO, GE200DO-2RS, GE220DO-2RS, GE240DO-2RS, GE260DO-2RS, GE280DO-2RS, GE300DO-2RS, GE320DO, GE340DO, GE360DO, GE380DO, GE400DO, GE420DO, GE440DO, GE460DO, GE480DO, GE500DO, GE530DO, GE560DO, GE600DO, GE630DO, GE670DO, GE710DO, GE750DO, GE800DO, GE850DO, GE900DO, GE950DO, GE1000DO

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FGB Spherical Plain Bearings

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